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We are a team of collaborating engineers (including, but not limited to, software engineers), educationists and web technologists working together to create technologically advanced software and artistically engineered websites. We know that in very near future technologies such as artificial intelligence, motion UI, Blockchain and Voice Search Optimization are going to find their way into the sphere of web technologies. This is why we are talking about these technologies TODAY.

It is said that without the power of software, hardware is only a piece of junk. Technology is advancing at a very fast pace and software technology is not an exception. In the years to come only those companies will survive who are ready to invest in latest technologies.Our focus is on technoligical advancements in the field of software development in general and website development in particular. It is this impetus that modulates us to develop software that is:

  • Has modular design and consequently lower costs
  • Has responsive design so it is “mobile-friendly”
  • Shall load instantaneously and work smoothly on mobile devices
  • Shall make use of chat-bots
  • Shall be capable of performing voice search instead of text
  • Shall have API-first design and streamlined workloads
  • Shall have motion UI to grab attention of the user
  • Shall employ artificial intelligence (if required)

Gone are the days when google used to look at the desktop version of a site and then based on it will rank the mobile site according to that information. The new logic is going to do the opposite now “Google will begin looking at your mobile site and from that, will rank the desktop site”. And so we are creating technologically advanced software to energize state-of-the-art hardware. We are the pioneers of bringing latest technological trends in contemporary software industry. This means we are engaging ourselves with Progressive Web Apps (PWA), Artificial Intelligence and Bots, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), Single Page Application (SPA), Voice Search Optimization, Motion UI, Automation Testing, JavaScript Frameworks, Server-less Applications & Architecture, Blockchain Technology, Internet of Things (IoT), Mobile-First Development & Responsive Websites (RWD), Low Code Development and other top-notch technologies.

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We offer services of Business Analysis; Business Process Automation; Cloud development; Data Science; Digital media marketing (including social media marketing); Graphics design; IT Security & Management; Mobile development; Project Management; Quality assurance; Salesforce; Software consultancy and maintenance; Software development under a variety of platforms; Website design, development & maintenance, Website domain name registration & hosting and website auditing, to name a few.

Software Development & Consultancy

Modelsoft has a crew of desktop applications programming professionals which breath...

Website Design, Development & Maintenance

We offer wide-ranging services of website solutions including custom web design services...

Digital Media Marketing

Digital marketing is about the implementation of a variety of customized digital...

Domain Name Registration & Hosting

Your domain name is one of the most important parts of your website...

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Following are our excellent packages for website development and domain name registeration / hosting. For ordering a customized website please follow this link, for a custmized application software, please click here


Our Hardworking Team

Our team is our most valuable asset. With our more than 30 professionals, including software engineers, electronics engineers, networking professionals, educationsits, web-technologists and quality control/quality assurance specialists sharing their knowledge and experience with us, we have the best team in town. Our team members are both foreign and locally qualified with vast experiences in their respective fields. The fact that we are maintaining over 90% retention rate for the past 3 years is an indicative of how much do we care about our most valuable asset - "Our Team".

Engr. Saeed Akhtar PMP

Chief Executive Officer

Sarah Hashmi

Brand Manager

Ali Jafery


Fizza Hashmi



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We are very conveniently located on Sunset Boulevard Road (that connects Korangi Road with former Submarine Chorangi) in Karachi PAKISTAN. Working hours are from 1100 (11 AM) till 1900 (7 PM). WhatsApp Number: 00923452323547


802, Saira Terrace, Sunset Boulevard Road


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