Frequently Asked Questions

How are you handling projects?

Our projects are a proof of our expertise. We have always maintained the highest standards of quality, technological excellence, ergonomics, workmanship and elegance of user interface. We have never compromised on the quality of products or services. Our services are highly professional, extremely directed / focused and customized according to customer needs. We have dedicated point of contacts (project managers) for each project we are handling. Our team members have sound domain knowledge through years of experience and formal education in world's best educational institutes.


How are the customers taken care of at ModelSoft?

>Our customers are our most valuable asset. A customer life cycle is the length and nature of a customer's relationship with our brand. We do not believe in "one-time" interaction with our customers, instead we nurture a life-time relationship with them. This relationship is based on mutual benefits and trust. That means maintaining and continuously improving the continuum by taking customers on a journey that's mutually beneficial for both the customer and our company. We do not wait for our customers to come to us for their needs, instead, we go to them. We do not assume that methods and practices that have worked well for the past year will work in the future as well. So, we continuously re-frame our existing insights to make sure that we are using the best methods and practices that are in favor of our customers.


Do You Have Customers Outside Pakistan ?

Yes we do. We have customers in USA, UK, Italy, Germany, Australia, UAE and The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Some of our customers have long term relations with us. We have witnessed their growth and they witnessed ours. So, we have actually contributed in each other's growth.


What Is Your Specialization In Software Development ?

Although we specialize in technical software (eg. Maintenance Management Software, Tests Scheduling Software, Embedded Software, Hardware interface software etc.), but we have the required resources and expertise to develop other types of application software. Please click here to see a complete list of software.


Do you have required resources and expertise to support your customers throughout software development lifecycle ?

Yes we do have required resources and expertise to support your customers throughout software development lifecycle. Theoretically SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle) starts with “requirement analysis” and ends at “deployment and testing”. ModelSoft is with you even before creation of requirements document and its analysis and we will be there after deployment and testing phases.


Why steps are taken at ModelSoft to ensure software quality assurance.?

Quality Assurance (QA) is one of the most important processes during software creation. We know that QA in software development can’t be compared to testing or any other process; it brings unique value and ensures that the product or service meets specific requirements. Buggy software is not in our favor as it may harm our reputation, sometimes irreparably. This is why, ModelSoft implants the concept of quality assurance at each step of SDLC. To Learn more about software quality assurance, we recommend to read this excellent article.


What Is Your Software Testing Methodology ?

Software testing depends on the nature, type, operating system, environment, inputs and outputs of the software. There are many different types of testing that you can use to make sure that changes to your code are working as expected. As far as the mechanism of testing is concerned, software testing is classified as manual and automated testing. When it comes to the depth of testing, software testing can be classified as unit testing, integration testing, functional testing, end-to-end testing, acceptance testing, performance testing and smoke testing. Some software needs customized (specially designed) testing platforms known as validation platforms for complete or partial testing. Such a testing is normally required for software that need specific inputs to function. We, at ModelSoft, perform very rigorous testing of our products in as much realistic environment as is technically possible.


What Type of Documents Do You Normally Deliver With A Software Product ?

The main goal of effective documentation is to ensure that developers and stakeholders are headed in the same direction to accomplish the objectives of the project. To achieve them, plenty of documentation types exist. Documentation that is provided as part of “scope of delivery” of a software product normally depends upon type and complexity of the project. Some software products just need a user manual and a technical manual while complex projects may need a lot more documentation. For a complex software project with 500K or more lines of code may require; high-level requirements & design documents, low-level requirements & design documents, test-plans and standards, testing documentation, system documentation, installation guides, user guides, acceptance testing documentation and final reports. We have a dedicated documentation department that create very detailed and easy to follow documentation for all of our products. In addition, we have a well-established configuration management department that keeps track of various versions, editions and revisions of various documents that are created and delivered to our customers.


Do You Have Any System of Software Configuration Management ?

It is often said that a software is never complete. Changes to a software are normally required because there are multiple people working on same software project which is subject to continuous updating; multiple version, branches, authors are involved in a software configuration project, and the team may be geographically distributed and works concurrently; changes in user requirement, policy, budget, schedule need to be accommodated; software should able to run on various machines and Operating Systems; project manager needs coordination among various stakeholders. So briefly speaking, changes to a software are normally required due to changes in user requirements, changes in development team or organization, changes in government policies and/or rules and changes in project schedule. ModelSoft is a quality conscious company that is being run by accomplished professionals, so we take software configuration management very seriously. We have a dedicated SCM (Software Configuration Manager) who works hand-in-hand with the project manager so that all versions, revisions and updates in software and documentation are properly recorded, managed and maintained.

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