The brochure website is an online site of your business that contains only a few pages and the main information people need to know. The purpose of the brochure website is to ensure uninterrupted access to information about you and provide communication with your customers.

The brochure website combines all the information you need in one place. Your clients do not need to collect information about you from all possible social networks and resources on the Internet. It is very convenient.

This is convenient since you do not need to chat with new people and talk about yourself and your business every time, you just need to redirect users to your site.

Why do you need to have a brochure website?

You need to have a brochure website, as you can put twice as much information about you on it. It is simply impossible at a meeting or on a paper business card to share all the necessary information about your business with someone you just met.

Don’t you agree?

Brochure website is a great option because it is an inexpensive and effective way to bring attention to your brand or business.

Usually, this type of site consists of 1-5 pages. You can add various videos, audios, photos to the brochure website, which will make you stand out from other competitors. A brochure website can be the source that will increase the profitability of your business!

Who needs a brochure website?

If you sit down and seriously analyze all the nuances and data, you will conclude that the brochure website is suitable for absolutely any business — no exaggeration.

brochure website is suitable for everyone


A brochure website is a universal site, as anyone engaged in any activity can have a brochure website and receive only benefits from it. This is why a brochure website is a win-win option.

Shortlist of requirements to the brochure website

To be as informative and user-friendly as possible, your brochure website should be:

  1. well structured
  2. intuitively understandable
  3. contain only relevant information
  4. have an attractive design
  5. be clear-cut
  6. easy to perceive by visitors
  7. load quickly on any device

Brochure website advantages and disadvantages

What should a brochure website contain at minimum?

Regardless of whether your brochure website will have 1 page or 5, it should still contain the following information:

  • brand name / your name
  • what services do you provide
  • your contact details
  • high-quality photo and video materials
  • Terms and Conditions field

What should a brochure website contain at minimum

This is the minimum information that must be on your brochure site.

Why Drupal and WordPress for creating a brochure website

Drupal and WordPress CMS`s are great platforms for building a brochure website. This is because they are flexible open-source platforms with great opportunities and benefits!

If you google “create brochure website,” Google will give you a variety of brochure website makers in the first links, but don’t get fooled by that.