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Content Management Websites

What is Content Management Website or a CMS


A content management system is a functionality that allows administrative users to update, maintain, create, and manage their own content without having to get into the code or have a developer do it for them. Usually, to access the CMS functionality, admin users will have a private login page or area to authenticate and navigate to a separate menu or portal that has options for the specific content that can be edited. There are a number of types of CMS platforms and ways that this can look depending upon specific requirements of the scenario. No matter how custom or standardized the system is or how limited or robust, the ability to administer your site and have control over content without coding is powerful and can be crucial in how you manage your web presence.

Why Is A CMS Important?

A content management system is a powerful thing that saves time, money, and effort when it comes to being able to add and update text, images, videos, pages, and important page elements and structure to your website. It’s essential that you are able to edit everything you need within your website. Even in corporate environments or industries that require compliance reviews, approvals, and other steps for specific content before it goes live, a CMS can be very helpful with those steps built in.

How Does A CMS Work?

At the highest level, a CMS works by giving you the power to influence the live content on your site through editor boxes, upload options, and other behind-the-scenes features. When you edit text, you’ll do so in an editor box that often has functionality similar to a program like Microsoft Word. Some systems have more controls and options than others. Whether you’re editing text, uploading images, or creating pages, you’re doing so through user-friendly controls in the admin that make edits in the site databases and allow you to publish them to the live site. This takes the place of having a web developer make the edits directly in the code.

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