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Hospital Management Systems

What is A Hospital Management System

Introduction To Hospital Management Systems

Hospital Management System is a system enabling hospitals to manage information and data related to all aspects of healthcare – processes, providers, patients, and more, which in turn ensures that processes are completed swiftly and effectively. When one thinks of the various aspects and departments of a hospital, it becomes apparent that an HMS is critical. The hospital database management system was introduced in 1960, and has greatly evolved since then – with the ability to integrate with the existing facilities, technologies, software, and systems of a hospital. Today, patients can begin the process of healthcare in the palm of their hand – the mobile devices and apps – make this possible. This process then moves to the healthcare providers and hospitals.

Applications and Benefits of A Hospital Management System

Increased Efficiency: With the large amounts of data, people involved and innumerable processes, a hospital is definitely an ideal candidate for data management software. If hospitals are to run efficiently, provide top line care, ensure patient and other data confidentiality, and work seamlessly – they cannot hope to do so without an effective Hospital Management System Software. Reduced human intervention for paperwork, less paperwork, reduced staff headcount for jobs that can be easily managed within the HMS, speedier processes, reduction of errors, and data privacy and safety – are just some of the benefits of a Hospital Management System.

Efficient Tracking of Patient History: For the hospitals, HMS translates to being able to track patient history, provide better care, keep track of appointments, save patient insurance and payment data, enable doctors and clinicians to check patient history, maintain patient care continuity, and save time and effort on unnecessary tedious manual tasks. This Electronic Medical Record (EMR) or Electronic Health Record (EHR) is the journey of a patient with the hospital – keeping track of the date of every visit, doctor consulted, medicines and advice prescribed, and other information for the patient. This ensures that even if a patient visits after a long break, the patient and hospital will not require going through the registration process again.

Easier Compliance With Policies and Laws: Hospital records are easily audited and kept compliant with policies and laws. In addition, the Hospital Management System is cost effective – it reduces the need for staff to manage manual entries, manage paperwork, and ensure accurate filing. This in turn significantly reduces the possibility of human error, which can prove costly on many counts. Another significant benefit/factor of the HMS is it is customizable to the needs and requirements of a particular hospital/healthcare facility.

Key Features of A Hospital Management System

Operation Theatre Management: Surgeries are long and tedious and a hospital must know the schedule of surgeries, to avoid overbooking and ensure availability of the required surgeons, other doctors and operation theatre staff. A hospital would be able to send operation schedules, test results, and other details to patients/next of kin, while also sending reminders to the presiding surgeon and other staff required for a procedure.

Lab Management: Maintain accurate accounts of tests, payments received, report generation dates, patient information, customized reports, timely notifications to patients and laboratory staff, and detailed MIS reports – all through one Hospital Management System.

Patient Management: With faster, secure, and easy data retrieval, a hospital/healthcare facility would be able to provide better and efficient care to the patients. With every department interconnected and integrated into the HMS, the quality of patient care can be enhanced, leading to greater customer satisfaction and lowered turnovers. Today there is severe competition even in the realm of healthcare, and patients and their kin prefer to visit a facility that is efficient, cost-effective, and secure.

Supply Management: With efficient hospital management systems (HMS), hospital management can track and manage supplies more efficiently and set up better purchasing contracts with suppliers. The system provides you with full transparency of inventory from the time it was ordered to when it was brought in to when it was used on patients. This, you can better capture demand, purchase, and consumption activity, allowing you to make continuous improvements to your healthcare supply chain.

Billing Management: Given the large numbers (in all respects) that any hospital needs to manage, a great feature of Hospital Management System is to help keep track of billing aligned with treatments, tests, and doctor fee. The system is able to send out messages for bill payment, display discounts, automatically capture patient data, provide several payment options to patients/kin, and keep a track of patient visits and payments.

Facility Management: A comprehensive Hospital Management System will enable the addition of several branches across locations of the hospital. This ensures that patients can visit any branch for treatment and the doctors would be able to access their records from anywhere.

Appointment Management: Appointment scheduling is one of the most tedious processes in a hospital. With the help of a Hospital Management System, an appointment widget is easily added to the hospital’s website. Patients can easily log in to the website, book an appointment with a doctor they choose with a time that works for them, receive reminders from the hospital, and also receive updates in the event of any changes.

Staff Management: HMS helps in the management of employees across different locations of a particular hospital/healthcare facility. Every aspect related to an employee is captured here- date of joining, designation and department, insurance details, leave and absence status, salary and benefits details, authorization level, and other information. The administrator with access, can view and edit employee details, remove inactive/ex-employee details, make any employment-related changes, and more.

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