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Online Examination Systems

What is An Online Examination System


Online examination, also known as e-examination, enables examiners to conduct exams using the internet or a company-wide intranet for remote candidates. It requires candidates to answer questions within a pre-decided timeframe. The test window collapses once the exam is over, and institutes get real-time reports. Evaluators then assess the answers and grade accordingly. The fully automated system supports objective evaluation and helps generate results faster than in a traditional exam format. Most online exams include answer processing modules, allowing evaluators to issue results moments after the candidates complete the test. However, evaluators assess the answers in-person for long-answer-type questions where results are not automated. The result of online exams is then conveyed to the candidates on the spot, via email or published on the institute’s website.

Need Of Online Examination Systems

The advent of technology has steadily digitized all services and offerings, taking them to the online platform, and education has been no exception. With the ubiquitous high-speed internet and laptops, the pervasiveness of technology has enabled a seamless transition to the online ecosystem. Universities, schools and various educational institutions have progressed and adapted to Learning Management Systems (LMSs), where software applications track, report, administer and document materials that are shared with students. This teaching and evaluation system facilitates a balanced approach toward imparting knowledge and easy grading of the candidates. Online exams aim to ensure that assessment givers can undertake the paradigm shift from offline to online processes. The online exam software industry is snowballing, and factors such as convenience, scalability, increased reach, and customization are shaping its adoption. Hence, established evaluation techniques are now nearing saturation and will soon become obsolete.

Using AI to Improve the Online Test Experience

AI-based exams, also known as AI-proctored tests, eliminate the need for deploying onsite invigilators and provide a cheating-free environment. The AI proctoring software monitors the live feed through the candidate’s webcam and flags or reports any suspicious movement during the exam. Furthermore, AI-based exams make it easy to monitor many candidates simultaneously.

AI-based exam software also equips institutions with advanced solutions like:

Image/facial recognition
Voice recognition
Cheating-prevention measures
Advanced proctoring
Browser security and lockdown
Session reviews

Introduction To Exams Academy

Exams Academy is helping students and professionals to succeed in academic and professional exams since 2004. In academic exams they cover a long list of subjects starting from intermediate, O and A level and up to master levels. In professional exams, they have a very wide variety of accounting, auditing, banking, management, medical and military technology exams. As of today, Exams Academy has more than 40000 questions in its repository of "full length exams" - new exams and questions are added every day. In addition, Exams Academy offers more than 4800 questions in 170 exams to try for FREE.

Furthermore, we have a database of more than 700 documents, including: MCQs, syllabus, notes for professionals, tutorials, lectures, templates, sample papers, essays, articles, thesis, write-ups, handbooks, teacher guides, student guides, questions & answers, procedures, standards, workshops, course books and many more documents. Most of these documents are free to download.

Exams Academy are the only online portal that offers free exams and quiz in more than 50 domains, subjects, topics and knowledge areas. These fields include some of very specific and specialized domains such as Psychology, Biomedical technology and military history & technology. They have all the required resources to create customized exams and documents on demand.

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